dynamically-sized array type

an array is zero-based


apply(function) replace each element of the array with the result of applying the given function
integer len() returns the length of the array
append(element) append the element to the array
clear() removes all elements from the array
filter(function) create a subarray from all elements in the array that return true from the given method
find(value) return the index of the given value in the array, null if not found
insert(index, element) insert the element at the given index
pop() remove and return the last element from the array
push(element) append the element to the array
reduce(function) reduce an array to a single value by applying the given function to pairs of values
remove(index) remove the element at the given index
resize(size, fill) resize the array, using the element 'fill' to pad any extra slots
reverse() reverse the elements in the array
slice(start, end) returns a subarray as a new array
sort(comparator) sorts the array, using the comparator function if given
top() returns the last element of the array

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