Package Midi

package for creating and scheduling MIDI events


abc(string abc, string key) convenience method to convert ABC notation to a MIDI pattern.


Midi.Message common interface for all MIDI messages.
Midi.Source implemented by components that output MIDI messages.
Midi.Sink implemented by components that accept MIDI input.


Midi.ABCReader reads ABC notation
Midi.Connection a MIDI connection.
Midi.Control a single MIDI control change.
Midi.Copyright SMF copyright text meta message.
Midi.CuePoint SMF cue point text meta message.
Midi.DrumTabReader reads drum tab notation.
Midi.Event an event created by scheduling a Midi.Message.
Midi.File a MIDI file.
Midi.Input a MIDI system input.
Midi.Instrument SMF instrument name text meta message.
Midi.KeySignature SMF key signature meta message.
Midi.Lyric SMF lyric text meta message.
Midi.MMLReader reads MML, Music Macro Language
Midi.Marker SMF marker text meta message.
Midi.Note a single MIDI note, represents a MIDI Note On event followed by a Note Off event after the given duration
Midi.NoteEvent an event created by scheduling a Midi.Note.
Midi.NoteOff a single MIDI note off message.
Midi.NoteOn a single MIDI note on message.
Midi.Output a MIDI system output.
Midi.Pattern a timed collection of MIDI notes
Midi.PitchBend a single MIDI pitch bend message.
Midi.ProgramChange a single MIDI program change message.
Midi.Sequence a timed collection of MIDI events
Midi.TempoChange SMF tempo change meta message.
Midi.Text SMF text meta message.
Midi.TimeSignature SMF time signature meta message.
Midi.TrackName SMF track name text meta message.
Midi.Tune a collection of MIDI tracks with meta-data.

Method Documentation

Midi.Pattern abc(string abc, string key)

Convenience method to convert ABC notation to a MIDI pattern.



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