Package Midi

package for creating and scheduling MIDI events


abc(string abc, string key) convenience method to convert ABC notation to a MIDI pattern.


Midi.Message common interface for all MIDI messages.
Midi.Source implemented by components that output MIDI messages.
Midi.Sink implemented by components that accept MIDI input.


Midi.ABCReader reads ABC notation
Midi.Connection a MIDI connection.
Midi.Control a single MIDI control change.
Midi.DrumTabReader reads drum tab notation.
Midi.File a MIDI file.
Midi.Input a MIDI system input.
Midi.MMLReader reads MML, Music Macro Language
Midi.Note a single MIDI note.
Midi.NoteOff a single MIDI note off message.
Midi.NoteOn a single MIDI note on message.
Midi.Output a MIDI system output.
Midi.Pattern a timed collection of MIDI notes.
Midi.PitchBend a single MIDI pitch bend message.
Midi.ProgramChange a single MIDI program change message.
Midi.Tune a collection of MIDI tracks with meta-data.

Method Documentation

Midi.Pattern abc(string abc, string key)

Convenience method to convert ABC notation to a MIDI pattern.



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